Thursday, May 10, 2012

Golf practice nets can be a great way to improve your golf game. However, many people wonder how? After all, you cannot see where the ball goes after you hit it! So how does a golf net improve your golf game? Let's outline 3 different ways, and then take a look at what the best golf nets on the market are.

3 Ways A Golf Net Can Improve Your Game

1) It Allows You To Practice More

The #1 reason that golfers don't play up to their potential during each round is the lack of practice. Golf is weird, because you cannot just play more golf and expect to play better. You must also hit hundreds of shots on a practice range, or chip a lot on the practice green, and take a lot of practice putts.

Just warming up before the round, then playing, doesn't let our muscle memory hone itself and improve our game. Practicing by hitting a ton of balls will strengthen our "golf muscles" and give us more confidence on the course.

When you hit a solid shot, you can feel it. So the better you get at creating those solid shots, the better you will improve with a golf net. There are tools to help with this, as I'll mention next.

2) With a Practice Aid, A Net Can Work Wonders

Using a practice golf club like the Medicus or the Tour Striker will allow the user of a golf net to really maximize their practice sessions. Remember, you aren't going to be able to see where the ball goes when you are hitting into a net. So you'll need some sort of outside indicator that you are working on the right things.

Using one of these golf training aids in conjunction with a net will really help. You don't need to see where the ball goes if you are using one of these. If you can swing the club and make solid contact, you KNOW you hit a good one. Perfect!

3) Makes Practice Fun and Less Hassle

Many people report setting up a television set next to their golf nets that are set up in their basement or garage and really having a great time while hitting. Think about it, most of us are sitting on the couch watching the golf channel a few times a week. We are always itching to hit balls at that exact time! Wouldn't it be great if you had a practice range set up right at home!

It's also great exercise to swing the club and hit some balls for 30 minutes or so. Many people report enjoying the game of golf much much more after purchasing a practice net.

So there are 3 reasons a golf net can help your game. Now let's talk about what to look for in the best golf practice net for your game.
 What To Look For In A Quality Net

1) Strength of Netting - You'll want to make sure the net is very strong. Steer clear of polyurethane sheets if you have a fast swing speed. These will rip very quickly.

2) You Get What You Pay For? - Often times with golf nets you indeed get what you pay for. Many cheaper nets rip too easily. If you are a beginner and cannot hit the ball far, then feel free to go cheap. A more experienced golfer that can hit a driver 250 yards or more will have no use for these nets.

3) Ricochet Factor - Is the net too tight? Nets like the Izzo Giant Jr. and Izzo Giant are extremely tight nets that get poor ratings because of the tightness. Who wants a ball bouncing back at their legs after a good rip?

4) Size and Width - Is the net large tall enough to hit a lob wedge? Is it wide enough just in case you mis-hit a shot? How about if you shank one? Of course you wouldn't do that.

5) Shot Feedback? - Only a few golf net models allow for shot feedback. Those that return the ball back to you will allow you to see if you hit the ball with hook spin or slice spin.

If you are looking for the best golf practice net on the market, I recommend comparing and contrasting some different price-pointed models. You can find some great reviews, comparisons and recommendations at